Saturday, October 25, 2008

Madeline Adams

Madeline Adams is amazing.

If my girlfriend allowed me one celebrity crush, it would Madeline Adams. Well, maybe Zooey Deschanel, but that's not a debate I want to get into. Her music is brilliant, and it's not because she has complex arrangements or anything like that. It's brilliant because of its simplicity. She can fingerpick some notes and sing a song about grass and make it sound good. Her voice is just so pure. It's hard to place. It has a classic feel, like a singer off an old folk record. It's clear, light, soft, never intruding, just breezing through your ears. Her lyrics are also simple but honest. They're often cute and witty poetry, with a nice serious edge when she needs them to have one.

"Who needs friends when you can write bad poetry? Talk of when love ends. The hurt sets in. The faithful art of the lonely. I'm just a nobody. I call my own phone. You must be somebody cause I've never seen you alone. I wish you weren't so huggable when I feel like a cactus tree. Who wants to touch the thorns of a hopeless nobody?"

The sound of her albums is appropriately folk-ish. Usually it's just her and her guitar, with lovely vocal harmonies. On other songs, she'll have drums, cowbells, handclaps, and even a kazoo.

A freaking kazoo! Finally, someone uses one in a song!

It just amazes me how she's still relatively unknown. She's been on 11 national tours, and played with a variety of bands. She may just desire to stay out of the spotlight with a dedicated following of fans. Who knows? I do know that everyone should check her out.

"Poetry is all cliche. It talks of flowers, of love, and May. Any beatnik black beret could ruin the day for me. Leave me here alone in my room, feeling genius, feeling blue, and I'll finger pick and I'll watch the rain. I see romantic comedies. She's so funny. He's quirky. They were so different in the beginning; you would never suspect the ending."

Madeline grew up in Athens, Georgia and began performing her songs at the age of fifteen. She self-released her first album, Kissing and Dancing (2002), when she was seventeen or eighteen. It was later re-released by Plan-It-X records. In 2006, she recorded an album with Matthew Houck (Phosphorescent) called The Slow Bang. She is currently working on her next album, White Flag, due out in January 2009.


Anonymous said...

Sums up exactly what I think. Good blog!

colin-william said...

Good blog indeed, it does the lovely Miss Adams justice! Definitely my celebrity crush and always at the top of my playlists there are atleast 3 simply lovely Madeline tunes. White Flag's release will be as beautiful as GW's last day in office ;)! here here.